Thursday, August 16, 2012

1. Introduction

The main goal of this book is to have a better understanding of the selves and egos of people, and  play with a scale of attention and awareness of the soul-consciousness that may help the people to awaken about themselves and help the civilization to raise its frequency

In ancient Greek literature (e.g. Aristotle) there is The principle of the "chromatic" perception and reasoning
(Αρχή του αποχρώντος λόγου) . 
There are many interpretations of this principle and the most usual but oversimplified is as one of the mathematical rules (of using sufficient assumptions) for correct arguments.

When sometimes it is said that "your reasoning is colored" , is is usually meant with a negative meaning, as having a lot of bias and not true logic on facts. Here nevertheless we proceed with a totally more comprehensive and positive approach, where all "chromatic bias" in reasoning is explored in a positive and even healing sense, for the wholeness of individual and social life. 
Here we develop a full interdisciplinary interpretation by far beyond pure mathematics with many points of contact with psychology, physics and medicine, philosophy of personal development, sociology, and even cross civilization points of contact of western and eastern civilizations and beyond! 


The frequency here of the colors from infrared to violet is increasing which is a symbol, that a personality with a "logic" of higher color frequency, tends to create a human body of higher frequency (where here by the bodily frequency we mean that relevant to the spin of electrons, protons and neutrons). Higher bodily frequency means closer and easier interaction of spirit with matter and easier function of the consciousness. All the spectrum of each logic is necessary for an integrated decision making, but usually a personality is focus to a particular "Logic"

And a preliminary remark for color-blind people: What matters here is not so much the colors, which maybe simply a code (we could as well number the logics 1,2,3....) but the kind of differences of the reasoning that seems to be rooted in our personalities, and the world.  The balance of partiality and wholeness.


1) Personal development perspective:
To develop better and more sensitive integrated and parallel  thinking.

We accuse logic and we prefer emotions. But there is not only one logic. 
Logic here is not in the mathematical sense. It is more of a direction of reasoning and perspective  of biased thinking.
Utilizing many colored logics in deciding and finding the feelings for our actions, may radically improve the success of our efforts and achievements. 
By engaging many colored logics as our chance of expression, we may improve human relations, and liberate them from lies, fear, feelings of guilt, humiliation, superstitions,   pretence and deception.

The self or ego spectrum of  the above colors, inside the mortal personality are as follows:

1) Infrared hat =I am that I have/ I need (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
2) red hat = I am that  I feel /I desire (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
3) yellow hat =I am that I do /I connect (or I synthesize) (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
4) green hat =I am that I love  (emotion of unity)/ I an in emotions (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
5) turquoise hat =I am that  I express (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
6) Blue hat = I am that I think/I reason (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
7) Violet hat =I am /I am aware / I intent/ I am that I am
8) White hat = I am that I interpreter-illuminate (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
9) Black hat =I am that I see without being seen (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
10) Grey hat = I am that I am consistent-fair-objective (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 



Here's the classic range of levels of the EGO and SELF. EGO is assumed to be (according to the philosopher Sartr) the agent who decides what is self and what is not self and he rest of the world


2) I AM WHAT I  DO (or SOMETHING FROM WHAT I DO ) therefore I exist





5) I AM,  THAT I AM, therefore I exist

I AM, THAT I AM NOT, therefore I exist

In a similar way, causalities of some states of our experience are leveled , because of  what we have or what we do or what we fell-reason-express, or what we will-believe-perceive!

We may also use the NLP 5-6  levels of life metaphors or goals, or the A. Maslow pyramid

1. Awareness-Will-Creating the Experience (I am that, I am)
2. Perception-Beliefs-Intuition ( I believe therefore I am)
3. Learning-Information-Knowledge ( I know and express therefore I am)
4. Belonging-Communities (I feel , communicate, and belong therefore I am)
5. Achieving-Acting (I act and achieve therefore I am)
6. Having ( I have and possess therefore I am)

Now it should not be that the humanity is dominated by people of the lowest type of goals! E.g. Having. There should be a balance and we can measure the evolution of a civilization by the distribution of the number of  people with the previous types of 6 levels of goals or meaning of life.

2) Hatha Yoga perpsective (see e.g. When thinking with each of the 7 colored logics then the corresponding aether center (charka) with its color is energized. So parallel thinking with these 7 colored logics, is essentially types of meditation. For the hatha yogi, the infrared logic corresponds to the center at the base of the spine, the  red  (orange)  logic at the center of genitals, the yellow logic to the center of the solar plexus, the green logic to the center of the heart, the turquoise logic to the throat center, the blue logic to the center of the front of the head and the ultraviolet logic to the center at the top of the head. 
Of course we should not forget that minor aether centers exist also below the base of the spine. E.g. at the knees, at the hocks, at the soles etc. and if we were to include them, we would choose a different correspondence. 
If the hatha yogi is a powerful yogi,  for whom the aether-vision has opened, it is supposed that he can see with his physical eye , the color of the corresponding aether center, of the human aether body.  (About the concept of aether, see also ). Now Hatha yoga reports that the base of the spine center is red, the center of the genitals orange, the solar plexus center yellow, the heart center green, the throat center cyan, the fron of the head center blue (indigo), and the top of the head center violet. Of course untill the eather vision has opened for most of the  people, or science was found ways to photograph the color of the aether centers, we are to remain in uncertainty. When the color of the aether centers will be the object of science, then maybe medicine will have discovered  also a powerful way to heal through colors. Till that time we will   assume the present correspondence of colors and logics as rather symbolic and as a color code.
I must point out here nevertheless that  Correlating our abstract EGO (soul level) with our physical body is not necessarily a virtue that may help us in evolution! 

Remark about the number 7 
I must remark here that the appearing seventuality here (7 colours, 7 bodily aether centres,) is only symbolic not literally 7. I believe that when science will enhance the knowledge of the electromagnetic field, and discover all of the aether, the aether centres that will be recorded in the human body will be more than 7. In the periodic system of chemical elements it seems that we do have a real appearance of the number 7, as all of the stable, 8-periods of the molecules. From this we may derive the symbolic interpretation of the number 7=a finite number a of layers (unknown or variable) that signifies all the layers that exhaust a "tree of creation" (like the material reality in the case of the periodic system)

Nevertheless, I must remark here that there are a lot of spiritual people, that strongly insist, that CORRESPONDING SOUL-EGO QUALITIES (THE COLOR LOGICS) WITH BODILY CENTERS IS NOT AT ALL AN EVOLUTION OF THE HUMAN EXISTENCE RATHER A BRAKE AND DELAY IN EVOLUTION ! Therefore we should not take the Hatha yoga perspective as the only deeper truth about the subject. 

So they would re-write the correspondence in personality terms as follows

1) Infrared hat =I am that I have/ I need (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
2) red hat = I am that  I feel /I desire (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
3) yellow hat =I am that I do /I connect (or I synthesize) (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
4) green hat =I am that I love  (emotion of unity)/ I an in emotions (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
5) turquoise hat =I am that  I express (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
6) Blue hat = I am that I think/I reason (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
7) Violet hat =I am /I am aware / I intent/ I am that I am
8) White hat = I am that I interpreter-illuminate (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
9) Black hat =I am that I see without being seen (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 
10) Grey hat = I am that I am consistent-fair-objective (or negatively I do not) therefore I exist 

3) Six thinking hats perspective (Business decision making after E. de Bono see e.g.  and
)The 6 thinking hats method of parallel thinking of de Bono is very relevant, and one of the sources of inspiration, but it is readily seen that it is modified to correspond better to the yogi's perspective, thus it is entirely different in some colors. The green hat of de Bono is analysed here as the turquoise logic, while his red hat, here it is analysed  as the green logic. His white hat is analysed here as the grey logic.  In addition there are not infrared, ultraviolet hats at all, and the sexual red logic is not explicit in de Bono's hats. I believe that the present analysis of the 10 colored logics is more exact and comprehensive, encompassing also the insights of hatha yoga, as well as the 4-personalities theory of F. Littauer. The six-hat business decision making might be considered a regulated and balanced alternative to the brain-storm decision making.

4) Social specializations perspective: The spectrum of the mortal self. 

The principle of chromatic reasoning and the practice of the colored logics is one of the principles of direct democracy, for best decision making and expression of most sides of the existence and reality in society. Democracy understood here as the system that compensates for the benefit and growth simultaneously of  the individual and the society as a whole as two parallel sides. Types of personalities, social characters, like educators, politicians, scientists, economists, art creators, etc seem to correspond to combinations   and subsets of the colored logics, or color-strategies of logics. Such colored-schemes or strategies are also types of consciousness, types of self,  types of ego , types of habitual personalities and social interactions. From a white spectrum of self before the incarnation, we filter and specialize in to a partial multicolored spectrum. 

We may propose some color combination strategies, but it is the practice of social functions that will choose the best combination for them. And then some scientific social statistics analysis that can present the most probable preferred choices of the population.

E.g. Suggested strategies
Educators: Yellow, Green, Turquoise. ( I connect, I love, I speak)
Scientists, economists: Red, turquoise, blue. (I feel, I express, I think)
Businessmen: Infraredyellow, turquoise. ( I have , I do, I express)  
Art creators, Infrared, green, turquoise and blue. (I have, I love, I express, I think)
Politicians:   Infrared, green (or cyan), ultraviolet. ( I have, I express, I am )
Religious preachers: Yellow, green, ultraviolet. (I connect, I love, I am )

We should remark here that a combination of such colors, may be shaped in ways other than specializing in the above activities. This is so because in other civilizations, that there are not the above professions or specializations, still a multi-colored spectrum of a personality may be shaped. In other words there is no unique social function way to shape a partial multi-color spectrum of a personality. 

What is clear though, is that to be successful in a particular social specialization, also a particular combination of colored logics must have become so easy and habitual, so as to be "under the skin". In the sense that it has become a pattern of habitual energy flow in the nervous system too.
It is therefore not improbable that some social specializations may develop non-compatible, or difficult to combine color-strategies, therefore conflicting sensitivities and logics.

The 10 colored logics  can be developed with protocols to excellent 
1) Individuals personal development, and healing of the personality.
2) Adult group decison making, through the elementary fundamental democratic fair rotation procedures. Either for meditation and communities, or for business decision making.
3) Children group games.
4) Communication synthesis and conflict resolution of groups of different social functions

In this way a rainbow thinking ability is created which permits not only more successful social life but also, a better understanding of the different "logics" of other social groups and specializations.

For each colored logic there is a negative aspect and a positive  aspect.
Usually the over use of each colored logic creates a negative aspect. The same if it is used in the wrong context, environment and time. The same holds for the black grey and white logic. Many people would identify the black logic with the negative and the white logic with the positive. But it is not really so. There is negative and positive black logic and negative and positive white logic

Artists would separate the colors to warm or low frequency (red, orange, yellow) and cool or high frequency (ciel, blue purple). 
Scientist would classify them to those of low frequency (red, orange, yellow) and high frequency (ciel, blue purple). It s the same with the colored logics. The lower are the (red, orange, yellow) the higher are the  (ciel, blue purple).There is often a battle and antagonism between low and high frequency logics, both in the human personality and in society. 

The achromatic logics of Black, grey and white, are assumed to be luminosity properties of each colored logics. As with the colors.
Each colored logic has also the attribute of saturation; It means the degree of purity of being a colored logic, or no colored logic at all. 
As there  are complementary colors (see, so there are complementary logics too. E.g. The 
green logic ( I love) complementary to infrared logic, ( I have)
the red logic ( I feel) complementary to the  cyan logic  (turquoise), ( I express)
the blue logic  ( I think) complementary to the yellow logic. ( I do) 
Some times one can do only one of two complementary colors of the personality existence. 
Either I love or I have, maybe not possible  both. But if both , then higher completeness.
Either I feel or I express, maybe not possible  both. But if both , then higher completeness.
Either I Think or I do, maybe not possible  both. But if both , then higher completeness.

 Are these 7 colored logics all there are? Of course not. There many colors in infrared and ultraviolet  that the human eye cannot discriminate. There are therefore many more infrared logics and many more ultraviolet  Logics. 
According to Barbara Marciniak , there are also 5 more non-bodily aether centers  (not sure if she means the 1st aether or higher order sub-aethers) of the spiritual self, from the scale of the house, to the planet and to astronomic scales, with corresponding logics that advance the spirituality and soul-consciousness greatness   of the (unveiled  consciousness)     human being.
So the first of the other ultraviolet logics is the Group-scale logic (for example the logic of the host in a house or Lecturer in an auditorium or a small eco-community) Probably the most known next ultraviolet logic is the planetary-scale logic. It is the  very valuable logic for ecology and for sustaibability, etc. One of the best examples of such a planetary scale logic, was the the logic of Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) The next ultraviolet logics are the solar-system scale logic, the galactic-scale logic and the Universe-scale logic. The later types of logic is awakened in few people in humanity only that are aware of what happens with the current earthly civilization and the other galactic civilizations in our solar system and beyond. This would make in all 7+5+3=15  logics

In addition it is natural to assume that there are logics beyond any attribute of color at all. Not even black, grey and white, In other words there are logics not related to symbolisms of the visual sense at all.

5) A simplification of the 10 colored logics is the 4 colored logics.

4 types of personalities perspective:They correspond also  to the  4 types of  irreducibly simple pure personalities (see e.g. books by Florence Littauer
1) The choleric  or action (sometimes called the  lion) or south personality may be the infrared logic personality. ( I have or I do 
2) The sanguine or emotional (sometimes called the  otter) or east personality may be the green (or red) logic personality ( I love  or I feel
3) The melancholic or intellectual (sometimes called the beaver) or west personality may be the blue  logic (or cyan) personality  ( I think or I express )
4) The phlegmatic or spiritual (sometimes called the golden retriever dog)  or north  personality may be the ultraviolet  logic personality. (I  am

It is of course significant to notice that the feasibility and wellness of the human relations and interactions are very significantly influenced bu the particular combination of colors of the personality of each one. 

6) Types of immortal soul focus perspective. 
These 4 personalities  correspond also to 4 types of (immortal) soul development. 

1) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I have", "I need" level (infrared)
2) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I do" or "I connect"  level (yellow  )
3) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I think" or "I express" or "I love"  level (Green or Cyan or Blue)

4) Souls that focus and receive impressions and shape an ego from the "I am" , "I intent" , "I am aware", "I am that I am" level (Violet) 

Each of the above 4 pure personalities has its advantages and disadvantages. The idea is to utilize the advantages, of each together with the advantages of the other 3 so as to cure the disadvantages of each.

Sets of more complicated, and non-simple irreducible personalities, may include, what is known also as conflicting or non-compatible personalities. 

7) The Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of human needs perspective
The colored logics correspond also to the celebrated Abraham  Maslow Hierarchy of human , needs , desires and consequently goals in life. The statistical work in the human psychology of A. Maslow was extensive. In his latter part of his life A. Maslow was working to apply his hierarchy not only to individuals but also to groups and enterprises. 
The infrared logic and goal  is the result of the need and desire for survival (shelter, food, drinking, health etc)
The red logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for sexual contact and family.
The yellow logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for acceptance by the others and positive significance,  safety , belonging.
The green logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for love and happiness.
The cyan logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for creativity , communication, esteem and reputation.
The blue logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for learning, education, cultivating the thinking ability and being in self-control, and control of our own life and fate.
The ultraviolet logic and goal is the result of the need and desire for spiritual realization-actualization and living a legacy.

Reality and wholeness may need many colors and different systems of beliefs to be perceived:

I must repeat here that the present Blog is not a study of the colours. Rather a study of systematic classification of the psychic  bias in reasoning. For a spiritual study of the colours (besides that of Goethe) see the studies of Rudolf Steiner:

8) The spiritual beliefs reflection, perspective
According to this perspective, colors symbolize  spiritual principles or beliefs, that create the color bias compared to the white spectrum. 
The beliefs are the medium with which the colors of I have, I feel, I do, I love, I express, I think and I am are related with the external world and its reality. Beliefs determine also the focus on one of the above 4-personalities and the  4-immortal soul awareness focus. The beliefs "color"and bias our perception of the (full spectrum white) reality.  

9) The  Frequency spectrum of creative realization process, perspective

This perspective is probably the best, although the most difficult too. According to this perspective the difference of the various colors, and their frequencies symbolizes, the layers or stages in the process of creation, both of the world and ourselves. This process is ongoing collective or individual existential and cosmic intention, either we understand it or not. From the higher frequency, that of spirit, till the lower that of matter. So the 7 colors may represent the sequence  of the frequencies from higher to lower of  7 aethereal physical realities , till a 8th layer that of the visible matter. In other words creation from the 7th aethereal reality (or 11th density physical reality) to the material reality.

I recommend reading information and messages from the Arcturians and their science, as it is very advanced, and their knowledge of colors, sound, and its relation to human consciousness and health is superb. For more about the Arcturians here

For more about the interest and visitations or predating of other galactic civilizations, on earthly humans, see  the blog

(The Arcturians seem to be a benevolent civilization in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th aether, or 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th density physical reality. For the above terms see )

The web is full of sites and videos with messages supposed to be from the Arcturians.As it is the case with all the allien races, these sites and messages are not always genuine. 
I myself am not always in the position to discriminate always the truth from the lies and misinformation. One should always be hesitating and cautious, and accept only those messages that resonate with his inner consciousness.
In the next blog, there are many such messages, that although I am not sure that are really from the Arcturians, they contain valuable insights for the personal and existential human life.

A very interesting article is about our sun having more than one frequency of physical material reality (see ). With this it  is not meant that it radiates in a large zone of the known spectrum of the electromagnetic waves,  but in  vastly larger spectrum, where the different spectral lines, may be separated by 10^36 times higher frequency and more, and each one corresponds to a physical material reality.

When it said in the web (or by the Arcturians) to increase the frequency of our body (average frequency of the spin of protons, neutrons, electrons, and not of the  visible frequency of the light around the aether centers) in the process of Lift-up or Ascension, it is not meant of course only to shift our habitual consciousness and focus of the immortal soul  from the colors of lower frequency of the lower centers (infrared, orange, yellow) to the higher frequency colors of the upper centers (green, cyan, blue, violet) but it is mean mainly an increase in the spin frequency of all the body, which may of course shift all the above colors of the eather centers, higher in the visible spectrum.